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​A Luta Desfarçada em Danca

The Martial Art Danced to a Brazilian Rhythm

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Maculelê Chicago!

Beginner Capoeira instruction in the Loop

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that is a combination of martial arts, dance, music and culture.  Today, the migration of this art form has taken flight and can be found in many countries outside of Brazil - especially here in the United States.  It is possible to find a Capoeira school in almost every state in the nation.  Anyone can practice this amazing martial art. Capoeira Maculelê Chicago offers weekly beginner Capoeira classes in the Loop.

Everyone is welcome - come try a free class!

Welcome to Capoeira 

​A Associação Cultural de Capoeira Maculelê    |  The Cultural Association of Capoeira Maculelê